June 28, 2012

I have the utmost respect for Mr. Villela. He took on and handled a very complex real estate transaction that had a very high risk of me loosing my entire investment. His knowledge of Honduran law is exceptional, and by far has been the most competent attorney I ever had to deal with. I just wish that he had a twin that lived in the States, because I need a good attorney there. During the course of approx. 18 months for which this legal action took. I would say that I emailed him well over 150 times for which he answered everyone of the emails. The final out come was complete success. Now for you folks reading these testimonials. If you are looking for a winning attorney, you need to look know further, because you have found him. I would not ever consider going to any other attorney for any legal issues within Honduras.

Martin Jackson
Investor, Bay Islands Roatan



April 26, 2012

Alex Villeja is extraordinarily personable, professional, thorough, and competent.   I would highly recommend him for any legal needs in Honduras or the surrounding areas!  

Mary M. Russell, Investor


April 20, 2012

Hola Alex
I have been working with Attorney Alex Villela on different things since 2004. He has always been very professional and does what he promise to do for you. ( not that common in Honduras) He first did my investor residency for me in 2004 and a few years later got my $5,000.00 deposit back from the government. I was the first of my friends to have this happen and I believe it was because of Alex. He has always been available by phone when I have a legal question Alex gives you the true answer not some made up answer that you might want to hear.
Having know him for over 7 years I consider him  a friend as well as my attorney.
Jeffrey Kukene



April 15, 2012

I am an American living in West Bay on the Island of Roatan, Honduras. All I can say is that what a relief it was to meet Alex Villela. He has taken on all my legal situations and has handled everything quickly, efficiently and very professionaly. I know from living in Honduras that I need to seek legal council for just about everything I do(ie: Becoming a Honduran Resident, Forming a Corporation, Buying and Selling Real Estate, Building a home (Builder's Contract), Hiring a domestic (Honduran Law states you must have an Employment Contract, etc.) In other words, I asked Alex to take on all my legal issues of living in a foreign country. Alex is a wealth of information and can handle anything, and I do mean anything, you throw at him. Please do not think that you know the Law....Honduras is a different Country and they have their own Rules. Alex has saved me a lot of legal headaches and a ton of money. There is not another Attorney I would ever use since meeting and getting!

to know the high standards that Alex Villela maintains. He is a joy to know and to work with. As I said, he knows the law of Honduras. He is simply the best and I highly recommend him.

Princessa K. Summerlin
West Bay Community
Roatan, Honduras



March 30, 2012

I had owned property on the beach in Sandy Bay for 20 years until I sold the place two years ago. At one point I moved my property out of my name into a corporation via another lawyer in Roatan for safe keeping of the property. I was supposed to be a member of the corporation in which the property was moved, thereby giving me control of my property via the corporation. Not being fluent in Spanish, it took me awhile to realize the acting lawyer at that time moved my property completely out of my reach into the name of a total stranger in San Pedro Sula. Neither me nor my heirs would never be able to sell my place with the legal documents as they were. Also, I ran the risk of actually loosing possession of my property with the documents as such. I located the lawyer who did this with my documents and let him know I was pretty irate with this since it was not my wishes at all. He was going to charge me an outlandish fee to resolve the problem and at this point I had no trust in him doing it ever or properly.

I reached out to Alex Villela after finding his ad on the Internet. He said he could assist me and the fee would be very reasonable. We agreed on a per job fee and I agreed to hire him. I e-mailed my original and current documents to him. I arrived on the island from the U.S. on a one week visit to straighten out the catastrophe. Alex met me first thing on the first morning after my arrival. We went over my case and he visited my property to insure that the place even existed. He got to work and flew to San Pedro Sula right away with a contractor who was working for me (to verify his actions). He had the holder of my property sign the legal docs to sell my land back to me for a nominal fee. My contractor friend verified that everything was on the up and up and that they really did locate the person whose name was listed as the owner of my property for his signature. Before the week was over, Alex assured me that everything had been accomplished for the final transfer of my property back into my name. We were just waiting on the final documents to be produced by the "Municipal." Within a few weeks I had my "private land documents" in the mail. I was able to sell my property a few years ago with a clear title.

I am forever grateful to Alex and have kept in touch with him over the years. What a knowledgeable lawyer and gentleman as well. You are in safe hands with Alex Villela!

Judy Wright
Judy's Fantasea
Sandy Bay


18th October, 2011


I am happy to provide a testimonial.

My son in law who is an American citizen is trying to attain landed immigrant status in Canada. Because he had previously spent more that 6 months in Honduras his application required him to obtain a police certificate from Honduras. After researching our options we choose Aex Villela of Roatan Legal to fulfil this task. I am glad we did. Alex was up front with the process, the timing and the cost and lived up to all his commitments. Obtaining the certificate was very time sensitive and Alex and his team were able to over come some bureaucratic roadblocks to make sure we got it on time. He kept in contact with every step of the way. It is obvious he knows his way around the system and the people who run the legal system in Honduras. If you need a lawyer you can trust and who will work in your best interest call Alex.

Rob Shields


25th August, 2011

I have the greatest respect for Mr. Villela and his knowledge of Honduran law. He has handled my needs and has done a magnificent job. You have to be careful of whom you hire in Honduras because there are many, many shady lawyers there that are incompetent. He has done excellent property legal work for me and also a Property Owners Association. I've known his work for almost 12  years and can't say enough praises for him. One thing you'll have to learn about him in that he is very efficient and meticulous and that sometimes takes a little longer, but will be well worth it. He fees are very fair for what he does. By the way, some fees are dictated by law of what the charges should be. There are cheaper lawyers around......but you'll get what you pay for in Honduras. He is also well connected with the Legal and the Political establishment on Roatan and in Tegu.

If there are any other questions.......feel free to ask. I hope this helps you........

Carl Gagliardi


April 19, 2011

Recommendation for Mr. Alex Villela, Attorney

I recently needed an attorney to handle some serious issues related to my corporation in Honduras. One of our partners was not operating with integrity causing many problems when trying to sell our mutually owned business. I have lived in Honduras and know how slowly things work. As I looked for an attorney to represent us, I noticed the numerous testimonials for Alex Villela. I was so impressed with what these clients had to say, that I retained Mr. Villela to represent us in the sale of our business and our Honduran Corporation.

Alex Villela handled the issues we had using his expertise of Honduran Corporate Law which allowed for the sale of our business. He did this for a reasonable price and in a timely manner. I heartily recommend Alex Villela as a man of integrity and legal expertise.

Nancy Liverani, RN


March 30, 2011

I do highly recommend Alex Villela if you're contemplating a law suit in Honduras. He is very knowledgeable of the laws and extremely meticulous in his approach to the situation. He handled my case with professional manner as you would expect from a 1st class lawyer in the United States. He kept me posted on the progress of my case which was very complicated by anybody's standards. Between Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula and the Roatan locations of the parties involved, it became complicated. Alex handled it great and I can't pay enough compliments to him. You won't go wrong, trust me and I've been on Roatan since 1997 and have seen many incompetent and worthless attorney's.

The length of time it took for my case was extended because of the locations of the parties involved. Research on certain signed documents had to be verified, which Alex did. He proved that the documents were not what they appeared to be and would be worthless in court. This took time and had to involve other lawyers. I cannot put a time element or put a price the cost because I'm sure each case is different, but I know he will service your case well and be fair on his fee's. One thing to remember with attorney's in Honduras, you will get what you pay for. Cheap attorneys there will give you cheap, shoddy work. I hope this helps you in your decision and lawsuit case. If there are any questions, please feel free to ask me.

Thank you,

Carl Gagliardi


March 24, 2011

Hello. I am writing this email after reading your testimonial on Alex Villela website. Our family is planning a move to Roatan within the next year for a business opportunity. We are needing residency, forming a corporation for property purchase and other small legalities. I have emailed him and he has been very informing and quick with responses. I am now ready to choose a lawyer to assist us with every thing we made need and wanted to email you for your reference. As you can imagine I want to make sure I am making the right decision with choosing a lawyer. Any information would be appreciated and helpful. Look forward to hearing from you and thank you in advance.



Knowing Alex for many years and have used his services............choosing him will be a very good decision for either Business, Land or Residency. I have used him for all 3 purposes with outstanding great results. I can't make enough favorable comments about Alex and his knowledge of Honduran Law. He is also very conscientious and meticulous with details.......sometimes frustrating to me thinking like a Gringo. You won't go wrong.............. There are bad ones there..........trust me, Good luck with your endeavors, Alex will make it easier for you.



March 11, 2010

We would like to thank Alex Villela for obtaining our Honduran residency promptly and professionally. Alex proved himself to be detail oriented and an excellent communicator. We were informed throughout the entire process, were able to collaborate and work with Alex, effectively obtaining our permits in nine months in spite of the political turmoil Honduras faced in June 2009, the following elections and the newly elected government coming into office. We highly recommend Mr. Villela for anyone attempting to obtain Honduran residency.

Frank & Susan Reed USA Citizens


February 10, 2010


To whom it may concern, In the last 5 years, since I first discovered Roatan and began the process of purchasing land, initiating residency and relocating to the island, I have encountered numerous Honduran attorneys.. With each one, my experiences were both positive and negative with none being remarkable. When I was finally referred to Alex I was told he was fluent in English, quick to return e-mails and telephone calls and patient to answer any questions or confusions. I was very impressed with Alex and everything I'd heard turned out to be absolutely true. He was very clear on what was needed by me, how it could be obtained, what my costs would be, and what time frame each event should happen in. Everything went very smoothly and in 7 months my wife and I were holding our residency papers in our hands. We just recently traveled to Ceiba for our residency renewal but we had lost a very important document that was needed in order to proceed. I contacted Alex and he said he had a copy of the document in my file that he would express to me on SOSA airline right away plus he would file a petition at the Ministry of Government & Justice to obtain another original from them. He explained it was a lengthy legal process but that he thought he could obtain it in approximately 2 weeks. This was great news since our ID cards were set to expire in 3 weeks. I am very grateful to Alex for all he has done and he comes highly recommended by me. He is an exceptional lawyer.


Sincerely, R. W. Webb



July 10, 2009


Alex obtained my original residency documents for me about 10 years ago and he has been assisting me with renewals of my residency ID card ever since. Alex has been a great resource for me on all the legal issues related to being a property owner in the Bay Islands. He is always available for questions by phone or e-mail, and he also has a lot of connections with local government and in the local banking system. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone doing business in the Bay Islands. He is able to do things that nobody else can.


Dave Day Civil Engineer and Real Estate Developer

Bay Islands Property Owner

United States Citizen



19 Jun. 2009


Just a note of recommendation to Alex Villela for his quality work on handling my Honduran residency. I am a US citizen and my husband is a Honduran citizen. We had another lawyer start our process and it didn't work out. Alex was able to finish the process in about 7 months. He was quick to answer emails and to inform us where we were in the process. Thank-you Alex


Victoria Mejia La Ceiba, Atlantida




04 Feb. 2009


We were very pleased with the services we received from Alex. We had both our residencies in just over a year, for less money than he originally quoted us! Without Alex we know our Residency Application process would have been alot longer, and more complicated. He helped to streamline the details for us, and gave us excellent advice. He also did our Honduran Corporation documents, and these were done in a couple of weeks. We highly reccommend Alex Villela's legal services.


Andrew & Wendy Flood

One Fish Two Fish Charters

011(504) 3309 9479 or 3291 5491



27 Jan. 2009


To whom it may concern:


My name is Carl J. Gagliardi and I'm from San Antonio TEXAS of the United States and I gladly give this Testimonial for Alejandro Villela Franco, Attorney.


I have been coming to Honduras for over 10 years and had heard how hard it is to get a residency for the country. I know many people who are trying to get theirs as I write this, and have been for some of them for over a year, with no prospect in sight. I talked to Alex about it and he told me exactly what documents I needed from the United States to present to the Honduran Government. I also mentioned about the long term some people I know that are still waiting have not received anything from their attorney or the government. Alex said that it should take at least six months, maybe longer, depending on Tegucigalpa, which still sounded like a very short period, considering what I've been hearing from others that are still trying. My documents were sent to Alex in Tegucigalpa via SOSA Airlines; he received them and he immediately started the residency process.


I checked with Alex after 3 months and he told me he had also checked with the government and everything was going well. I waited another two and a half months and called him again, I was getting impatient, which a person shouldn?t do when dealing with the Honduran authorities. He informed me that it was almost done and it actually took a little less than the six months he had said. This was amazing after listening to others that have, and are still, waiting for theirs. Some for over a year and still no word and now I have mine within the 6 months he stated, thanks to Alex.


I highly recommend Alex for other legal work also which he has done very effectively for me and for some Corporations either personal land or business land matters.


My phone numbers here in Honduras are: 9868-9819------ 9550-4450

In the United States they are: 210-494-3685 ---- 210-725-8282

My email address is: airrc@aol.com


Please feel free to call or email me any time if you have any questions about Alex and his capabilities. Thank You


Carl J. Gagliardi



Alex was referred to us by the Honduras Consulate in Taiwan . He was asked to do the impossible which was to help a Honduras citizen situated in Hong Kong renew her passport in less than a week, and was able to use his political connections in government to issue a safe conduct letter to authorize my friend to travel to Taiwan get her Honduras passport renewed. The passport had to be renewed immediately and we were under immense time pressure to get it done. Alex got the job done in one week. I would definitely recommend Alex to people who need legal advice in Honduras.


Bill Wong Hong Kong


Our residency process has gone smoothly and without delay, largely due to the excellent job that Alex Villela has done for us in Tegucigalpa. Picking an attorney was difficult for us with each of several being recommended equally as highly. Thankfully, we went with Alex. After some initial delays in us getting all our paperwork together, Alex filed for our residencies in the end of April 2007. They were approved shortly after and we made a trip to Tegucigalpa to pick them up in the beginning of August where the immigration officer informed us there would be a two month wait for our ID cards to come through. Alex intervened, using his contacts in immigration and had the cards to us 5 working days later. Alex, I’ve thanked you many times and will continue to do so by giving the highest recommendations whenever possible. Alex has also advised and provided counsel in real estate matters related to our clients and our business. Anybody may contact me personally with any specific questions relating to our experiences.


David Gleeson.

Owner, Island Development.


Island Development, S.A.


Alex Villela provided me with very personal and professional service in obtaining my residency here in Honduras. He was easy to contact and always answered my questions quickly and thoroughly. I would definitely recommend him to anyone attempting to obtain their Honduran residency.


Thanks, Brad


It was a pleasure to work with Alex Villaha on our Honduran residency. His thoroughness up front saved us from any time consuming set backs in an already slow process. Alex was always very responsive (and his English very good) to any inquiries we had, which was very reassuring as our application proceeded through this frustrating system. We will continue to call Alex whenever we have any legal needs arise.


Laurie & Dennis Tabor

West End, Roatan


Alex handled my residency professionally and competently. His interpersonal and communication skills are exceptional. He always answered my e-mails.


Janet Smith Warfield, retired United States attorney

Author of "Cracking the Consciousness Code"


Dear Alex,


Here with we want to thank you once again for getting, my wife Yvonne's, residency. We are very impressed with the speedy way, you achieved this. You kept your promises, you kept us well informed, and the costs were as predicted and reasonable. I can recommend anybody to use your services. I am not yet retired, but as soon as this is the case, I will contact you agin for a residency for myself.


Best regards, Boud Heilijgers



Alex Villela has been a wonderful attorney. He is very responsive, very thorough in his research regarding issues, and he very promptly provides excellent and knowledgeable advice with care and understanding.


Kimberley Heilig


To Whom it May Concern:


Mr. Alex Villela has been our attorney in processing our residency papers. We believe he has been very professional and efficient. Most often, we corresponded by email, and he was always quick to respond. We would employ his services, should we need them again.


Sincerely, D’Quincey and Pam Hjornevik

Alex.... Just a note of thanks for helping me with my residency papers. I think that the seven months that it took is amazingly quick. Everything went according to plan. Being new to the island it is nice to have an attorney that is politically well connected and speaks such good English. Also, thanks for helping me through the customs procedures. I couldn't have done it without you.


Robert Johnson


We have found that Alex has been an excellent source of legal knowledge. We recently purchased property in Honduras and found the procedures somewhat confusing. Alex quickly answered all of our questions via email, his bilingual abilities and professionalism were extremely helpful, and just really reassured us. When dealing in a foreign country with a different language & procedures, having someone like Alex, is an invaluable asset. We would definitely highly recommend Alex to anyone needing an attorney, in any capacity.


Mark and Allison Rogers Canada


Hi Alex,


We would just like to share our appreciation and gratitude for your speedy and professional service in securing residency for Mike. You kept your word through-out and there were no surprises! We easily recommend you and wish you continued success.



Kim Dueffert and Mike McLaughlin

Que tal Cafe

Mike's Pools


Hi Alex,


Overall I would like to say a big thank you for obtaining my residency so quickly. I found your services to be very professional and would not hesitate in recommending you, infact your business card has already gone to two of my friends!


I liked the communication by email and the quick response to my never ending questions. Right from the first meeting you were very efficient in explaining everything i needed to obtain with regards to legal documents and the whole process of obtaining my residency. The updates you gave with regards to the changes in the law were an added bonus.


I know 3 people who have obtained their residecny with you. Their recommendation of your services was the reason I contacted you and I was not disppointed with the decision i made.


Thank you again.

Julie Lavery


Dear Alejandro Villela Franco,


On behalf of me and my family I want to thank you for all that you have done for us the last 1,5 year.


When we came to the island Roatan we didn't have a clue about all the legal procedures that we had to take to make our stay in Honduras comfortable. We met with you January 2003 and since that time you have been the most helpful person for us on the island.


You gave us all the ins and outs of the legal procedures to become a resident of Honduras. This we want to thank you for. In the process of getting our residency you called with the consul in The Netherlands to set up a meeting for us so we could obtain all the paperwork necessary for the application. We met with the consul in The Netherlands and he was as helpful as you have always been to us.


Because we also needed a company we of course asked you to set one up for us and before we knew it we had our own company that we use for our business.


The times that we met we where always talking about why Honduras is the way it is. Because of all the knowledge you have we now see why Honduras operates and is the way it is. As a lobbyist I think that you are doing a fabulous job. Your family has always done the right thing for Honduras and as a new resident I really appreciate that.


I hope that our relation will be one that will stand for all the years to come.


My family and me personally want to thank you.


We hope to see you soon so we can talk more politics.


Your friend,

Robert van der Weg Manager Sundancer Cabanas

Sandy Bay Roatan The Bay Islands

e-mail: sundancer@hondusoft.com

e-mail: sundancer@globalnet.hn

web-site: www.sundancercabanas.com

Tel./Fax: (504) 445-1940



As the host of the island's only English speaking program on Magic 107.7 FM, I have had you on my show at least three times. Each time you come on, you are articulate in speaking about Honduran laws and residency requirements. I personally know dozens of people who are now using your services because of your expertise. Thank God you are on the island to help all the foreigners who want to make the residency procedure as painless as possible. You are doing a great job for me as well. I could not have gotten through this without you.


Continued success!

Roatan Bruce Magic 107.7 FM

12 Noon to 2 PM

Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras


We would recommend Alex Villela to any individual or business wanting to live or operate in Honduras. Alex is easy to deal with, extremely professional, efficient and courteous and he immediately understands what is needed and how to best go about achieving goals. Alex has advised us on a number of different matters and has always delivered on time. It is a pleasure working with him.


 Sandra Sampayo, TropicalREZ


Our first attempt at gaining Honduran residency was through the consulate in Chicago. We collected a lot of useless paper and tried to get it processed. The consulate in Miami was much better organised and got us much closer to 'started'. However, it seemed that new processes had led lawyers to believe the processing price should be raised, not to mention stalling on such documents as the police report. In exasperation we searched for yet another, other lawyer and were fortunate enough to engage Alejandro. His fee, and prompt attention to our application left us convinced that there are still honest, gentlemen working as lawyers. Thank you Alex for your help with our application, and for opening an office in Roatan. Anyone wishing to contact us for personal assurances of Alex' integrity use e-mail to davepontefract@hotmail.com


David and Elsie Pontefract





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